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Mount Limbara

Precious and unique source of inspiration.

Mount Limbara Monte Limbara with its granite can be defined as the largest in northern Sardinia, with the Punta Balistreri peak (1359 A.S.L.) and extends for about 120 km °, with considerable importance from a naturalistic point of view.
According to some scholars, the name derives from the ancient Limbara or “rock, stone”, an ancient rock worked by time, an evocative area, rich in granite geometric shapes, environmental elements and landscapes that attract the amazement of those who want to visit it.

Muse inspiring the name of our guest house, the Limbara mountain range can be admired in all its charm from our garden, it is an inevitable temptation for everyone, a unique, recommended destination, whose beauty remains impressed, with the promise to come back.

From season to season the mountain offers unique paintings, clear waterfalls, natural pools, an innumerable series of fountains from which fresh and healthy waters flow, basins with the most suggestive shapes, rocks with profiles that leave free space for the imagination of the observer, picnic areas and views not easy to describe in words.

The most attractive area of the mountain is Vallicciola (1054 mt) about 7 km from Tempio Pausania, an ideal destination for those who want to spend time enjoying the cool of the coniferous forests, take relaxing walks, or for those to practice sports.

Right on the Limbara in 1921 a Piedmontese mountaineer made the first climbs in Sardinia and there are many followers of this sport but also biking, trekking and nature photography. A long network of 90 km of paths mostly left over from the ancient activities of the charcoal burners, allows fascinating excursions both on foot and by off-road vehicle, from the valley to the highest peaks such as Punta Sa Berritta (1362mt), majestic, imposing from which you can enjoy a unique panorama, up to the sea and the Corsican mountains.

The LIMBARA park, managed by the Forestry Authority, is full of plants and shrubs typical of the Mediterranean scrub (mastic, strawberry tree, myrtle), rare endemics and a fascinating fauna characterized by wild boars, mouflons, martens, hawks and eagles. It is possible, upon reservation, to visit the mouflon reserve in the locality of Curadoreddu, and the Butterfly Park on the southern side in the municipality of Berchidda.