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We are in “CARADDU”, a few minutes from Tempio Pausania, the historic capital of Gallura, facing the northwestern side of the Mount Limbara.

località caraddu limbara dreaming GalluraGallura presents itself to the visitor’s eye luxuriant and varied, from the sea to the mountains with not too long stretches, capable of surprising with breathtaking views, and a rich naturalistic reality.

Already inhabited in the Nuragic era, as the numerous historical finds reveal, it is a fascinating land to be discovered, different panoramas satisfy the curiosity of every expert or improvised visitor and
the unique scents of the Mediterranean scrub make this land unique and unforgettable.
Morphologically unique, with its rocks eroded over time in the most “varied forms”, streams, waterfalls, beautiful fountains, all decorated with thick vegetation and a fauna as abundant as it is elusive.

Discover GalluraThe Gallura area boasts in addition to the naturalistic beauties, various gastronomic specialties, archaeological sites absolutely to be visited, the granite and cork industries, an important wine production with real excellence and an important plant for the bottling of mineral waters appreciated Worldwide.

The strategic position, easily reachable from the state road, allows visitors and guests of Limbara Dreaming, to alternate between sea and mountains in a very short time, In fact, the closest beaches are 30 km away and Monte Limbara is 20 minutes away, the territory of which extends over a large area over 4 municipalities.