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Kindness, hospitality and the desireof sharing are the main reasons for the realization of this project.

bed & breakfast Tempio Pausania HospitalityHospitality and Kindness Our dream was to create a warm, welcoming, colorful structure so as to instill a feeling of peace and well-being to anyone who wished to choose us.

As soon as the guest crosses the threshold, he must see and feel the spirit that pushed us in this direction. The house conceived not only as a support point but rather as a destination where you can be at ease, with all the comforts, and a lot of serenity!

Annalisa, the owner of Limbara Dreaming, will welcome you aware of the fact that you need pampering, attention and relaxation in an increasingly hectic routine for everyone, she will prepare you a breakfast full of passion and will be able to advise you in the best possible way regarding doubts about where to go and what to see.

Hospitality is one of the most common virtues in Gallura and of the Sardinians in general, we proudly carry on this tradition by offering our guests a welcoming and modern environment.

Our thought of welcome and hospitality is filled with little great joys. Giving and receiving in a relaxed atmosphere, always with a smile. This is what we like to do and together with you dear guests we will carry out our project, moment by moment, coffee after coffee, like at home!

I was pleasantly impressed by the comments of my guests during the summer of 2021

“This starry sky is wonderful, in the city there are no stars”
“Wake up in silence and see the sky turn color”
“We felt at home”

Limbara Dreaming a sincere atmosphere of familiarity!