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The Garden

The garden of Limbara Dreaming

A journey into nature is a unique experience that can stimulate mind and body. Gallura offers countless ideas and satisfying sensations to live. Walking surrounded by greenery, breathing in the typical scents of the Mediterranean scrub, trying to recognize which plants it is, are apparently trivial actions but capable of making us savor the tranquility that nature offers us.

Our olfactory and naturalistic path develops with the intent of enveloping the guest in an uncontaminated environment where scents reign in silence, where colors and fruits follow the rhythm of the seasons, showing the wonders of a continuous change, which often absent-mindedly do not we pay attention.

So let’s stop our thoughts for a moment, and immerse ourselves in the greenery of our garden, observe, admire and learn about spontaneous plants, hedges, fruit trees, perhaps for the first time, discovering the beauty of our Sardinia.

We are lucky enough to be surrounded by natural wonders so why not wake up in the morning and take a stroll through the countryside?
Starting from our grove of oaks and downy oaks, an interweaving is created almost to protect the undergrowth plants such as rock roses, heather, small evergreen shrubs and hedges.

All described by explanatory panels with the name in Gallura dialect, scientific name, and writing in Braille. Skirting the house, the hedges of Myrtle and Lavender appear imposing and fragrant, already known in the old testament and loaded not only with perfumes but also with various health properties.

The side area of ​​the garden has an orderly arrangement in 14 tanks of the most famous and versatile spontaneous and cultivated aromatic plants, belonging to various botanical families known since ancient times for their medicinal and therapeutic virtues.

The garden offers the possibility of a sensory walk, especially during spring and summer, full of scents of endemic species of Sardinia, medicinal plants rich in properties to be discovered. Small but intense leaves that release life when touching them, flowers inhabited by tiny insects that have appreciated their home, butterflies that flutter in a dimension of their own, gifts of nature.

The walk continues through the countryside to discover the various fruit trees, which embellish the breakfasts of our guests of the B&B. With the rhythms of the seasons, the mulberry tree decorated with delicious fruits, the apricot, the cherry, the plum tree and the fig tree, make the garden an experience to be lived all year round.

The path is entirely addressed by the QR codes that can be used with their smartphones for an in-depth study of the plant species present.