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Discover North Sardinia

Mountain or Sea? Both!

Distances from Tempio and Limbara Dreaming are somewhat limited. Just 30 km away, traveling on internal roads flanked by the green of cork and holm oaks, you reach the town of Aglientu, a small hilltop town just 5 minutes from a wonderful crystalline sea and free but well-equipped beaches.
From the road to the blue expanse, the glance is absolutely unique. Vignola Mare beach, divided into two loops, has pinkish-colored sand and a clear sea that offers different shades of blue.
On the left side of the beach, there is a beautiful Spanish tower, dating back to the period of the Aragonese domination, wanted as a defense from Saracen pirates from the reign of Philip II, with a large panoramic terrace overlooking the coast and the church of San Silverio, both of which can be visited.
The surrounding area is animated by cliffs, sand dunes and rocks and a rich vegetation typical of the sandy environment such as the sea rose, the santolina of the beaches, and the unmistakable scents of helichrysum and Mediterranean scrub will remain etched in the nostalgic memory of travelers.

Continuing along the northern coast, bathed by a crystalline sea, we find the beach “Riu di Li Saldi” whose name derives from the small river that flows into the sea, the beach is characterized by scarce sand and prevalence of pebbles.
The beaches of “Naracu Nieddu” and “Lu Littaroni” follow in all their beauty, connected by a long beach, with shallow and sandy bottoms, ideal for children and a destination for snorkelling enthusiasts.

The surrounding area offers wild nature, with Mediterranean vegetation, welcoming pine forests for families and for those who want to enjoy a bit of coolness in front of a blue and emerald sea.

Facing right, the suggestive beaches of “Monti Russu” and “Cala Pischina” both easily reachable on foot from the parking lots, offer iridescent shades between green and blue inserted in a natural painting painted to perfection. Continuing along a dirt path that can only be traveled on foot, “Rena di Matteu” appears, another rare pearl, together with Rena Majore, both very popular in the summer, often exposed to the Mistral, and generous in scents and colors.

On a coast that is almost 1 km long, we arrive at the “La Liccia” beach which extends silently and never too crowded, with clear sand and a crystalline sea, up to Santa Teresa di Gallura, the extreme northern appendage of Sardinia, an essential destination for whoever arrives on vacation, proud of its splendid beaches of “Rena Bianca, Santa Reparata and Capo Testa.

From Santa Teresa di Gallura 

Returning to the west, along roads framed by Mediterranean scrub, you will encounter rocky coves and glimpses of an enchanting blue sea, until you reach the colorful cliffs of Isola Rossa, a fishing  village that takes its name from the reddish islet in front of it. and from the red cliffs.  The town is characteristic for its 1500 Spanish tower overlooking the sea, for the marina, for diving, but above all for the fine sandy beaches and the rich and fishy seabed. The small beach, which runs  along the port, suitable for families and children, the Longa beach that extends behind the  panoramic viewpoint, the beautiful Marinedda beach, with its changing colors, a favorite  destination for surfers, Li Cossi beach, Tinnari and Cala Rossa, stretching towards the Canneddi  peninsula, enchanting places for travelers and tourists. 

Returning towards the interior of Gallura we find Monte Pulchiana 

With its characteristic rounded shape with a pinkish yellow color, Monte Pulchiana, to the north east on the Tempio / Palau road, is the largest granite monolith in Sardinia and one of the largest in  Europe. 

Proclaimed a natural monument with an altitude of 590 meters above sea level, it stands out in a  unique granite landscape, surrounded by cork trees and the typical Mediterranean scrub.